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Aug. 20th, 2013 09:45 pm
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I will get around to writing a proper intro post one day. Possibly.
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This week:

Accidents caused: 3. Two water related, one invoving a rat's tail getting trapped, poor baby (she's fine).
Injuries sustained: none!
Crap consumed: chocolate bar. Giant cookie.
Meds missed: none! \o/
TV watched: BTVS, Star Trek, Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, 10th Kingdom.
Goals for next week: At least buy my Ancient Greek workbook, even if I don't actually start it. Get Daniel's prescription sorted.

Poetry in motion guys, poetry in motion.
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It's six in the morning and I am awake (still), watching over the sweetest rodent I have ever known. It will not be long for her now, I think. Starbuck, you are in my heart for always, and my arms for tonight. I can only hope you are at peace; I'll stay with you until the end.
All she'll eat is Doritos and banana chips
So we stay up snacking til dawn
She's tired, I know, but she clings
To my fingers, even now.
Licks water from a bottle cap
Sleeps fitful like the rainy season,
And all I can do is sing the wrong tune;
I can't take away the pain, the aches, the time.
She's almost no strength left,
and it makes all the difference to know I'm here.
She's curled nose to tail across my chest
Breathing best she can.
The sun comes up like an insult,
and we're waiting, here, for what comes next.
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It is a terribly upsetting curse(privilidge?) to spend short days with a pet, knowing they will shortly be helped from this life. It is a horror to watch my beloved animals old and infirm, edging towards the moment when I, just a human by comparison, must say 'enough of this'.
I am barely capable of being self-responsible, but soon I must make this decision for three animals who are close to my heart. It never gets any easier, for which I think I ought to be thankful.

(who do not know to fear,
whose lives are lived in miniature),
go slow and calm to where they will.

And I -
(who could spend several somedays
watching this)
- know well that this is the wonder
that roots us to the ground like new trees

And we -
(whose lives are but a matter of scale)
who watch in naught but awe -
know all this without a word.


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